Four powerful wrestlers will fight in the Candy Arena.
Discover who will win The Legendary Belt!

The four best wrestlers from the most important NERDS worlds, are now the finalists competing for the Legendary Belt. The belt brings with it luck and wealth for the world of the winning wrestler for the following 400 years. In this hard fight: who will gain the heart of its world, and who will be the deserving loser of exile and bad luck?

Every 400 years, this magnum event of wrestling takes place where all the NERDS fighters can take part, but only the most powerful will survive the clashes in the arduous battles from two to three falls without time limit.

Lima Intensa, Piña Furiosa, Mango Fuego and Guayaba Solitaria are the finalists of the competition for The Legendary Belt.

BIOGRAPHY: Mango Fuego inherited the skill of generating and controlling fire from his father, who was one of the most powerful wrestlers of the NERDS World. He was in charge of maintaining Frozen Town in a balanced temperature, in such a way that all the Mango NERDS could live in harmony. When Mango Fuego’s dad lost the championship in the Sweet Arena for the first time, he fell into sadness and exiled himself, leaving El Mundo Helado without the heat that protects it. It now depends on Mango Fuego to finish with the curse and to bring some heat to its world.

MISSION: Mango Fuego has an ardent passion for gaining The Legendary Belt in order for him to return the force to the habitants of Frozen Town and to defrost the world.

DESCRIPTION: Wrestler with impressive strength. His ability to control fire makes him a difficult opponent to attack.


- Flame Kick

- Headbutt

- Fire Strike

TEAM SIDE: Good Guys

BIOGRAPHY: Guayaba Solitaria was born with supernatural physical strength. This special feature made him a target for bullying and isolation. In one of his multiple anger attacks, Guayaba Solitaria hit the floor so hard that an earthquake was caused in Terrain World, almost destroying it. After the tragedy, he decided to exile himself and participate in the competition for The Legendary Belt in an attempt to get rid of the guilt he felt from the earthquake he caused.

MISSION: Guayaba Solitaria wants to reconstruct Terrain World, which was destroyed from his anger attack and return to live on it.

DESCRIPTION Hermit wrestler with seriousness and supernatural forces, his physical ability makes him a slow but deadly opponent.


- Devastating Stomp

- Quake Strike

- Furious Headbutt


BIOGRAPHY: Despite the Acid World’s reputation for sour attitudes, Lima Intensa is an agile wrestler with a charismatic attitude and a great smile. Always ready to help others, Lima Intensa decided to compete for The Legendary Belt to earn the respect of others and keep the heart of Piña Linda.

MISSION: Lima Intensa wants to win The Legendary Belt to become Mayor and defend the people of Acid World.

DESCRIPTION: Quick and skillful fighter with great enthusiasm and positive energy, he may control lime juice and use it against his adversaries.


- Acid Kick

- Vinegar Wave

- Sour Headbutt

TEAM SIDE: Good Guys

BIOGRAPHY: Piña Furiosa was Lima Intensa’s best friend until the day Piña Linda, Piña Furiosa’s girlfriend, decided to escape to Acid World with Lima Intensa. After that, the pain and anger grew uncontrollably in Piña Furiosa, making him a creature of fear. He created a long list of enemies and began to hate the whole world.

MISSION: Piña Furiosa ambition is to win The Legendary Belt to be forgiven by Acid World and win back his girlfriend.

DESCRIPTION: Extremely sensitive and strong wrestler.


- Tangy Kick

- Sharp Strike

- Fierce Punch



Anjelah Johnson-Reyes was born and raised in San Jose, California and is of Mexican and Native American descent. Anjelah started her career as a Cheerleader for a professional football team.

Anjelah's love for performing and acting brought her to Los Angeles where she became an internet sensation with her comedic viral video "Nail Salon", and a regular cast member for MadTV where she debuted her character Bon Qui Qui. Anjelah and her team were really excited about Laffy Taffys new Hispanic inspired flavors that include guava and pineapple.

They had a blast of laughs creating the funny new jokes for them! Currently Anjelah tours the US with her stand up comedy bringing laughs to many, making her the perfect Laffy Taffy jokester.

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